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  • Tracking Google AdSense clicks

    A common question I’m asked about is how to track Google AdSense clicks? Where the users come from, the click-through rates, which ads were clicked, total amount of earnings, earnings per click etc…

    I’ve previously used Google Analytics and StatCounter to monitor website traffic but until now I’ve been unable to find this type of reporting. But last week SEOBook posted instructions about how to track Google AdSense clicks via Google Analytics.

    Another option is to use Crazy Egg, which also offers this functionality. I plan on testing both of these during the next couple of weeks, at the moment I’m unsure on how accurate or detailed either of these will be for finding the AdSense conversion rates from different types of traffic (including PPC) but I’m interested in seeing the results, I’ll add an update soon on how this goes.

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    1. [...] = “http://blog.seoptimise.com/2006/12/crazy-egg-website-tracking.html”; I’ve been tracking the Google AdSense clicks of Place in the Sun over the last couple of weeks using Crazy Egg. This has proved to be an [...]

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